We enable new and established residents of Winchester, Massachusetts to connect with their community through social and philanthropic activities. 


Our Beginning

Friends Cathy Alexander and  Jeannie Weylman friends started Winchester Neighbors Club (WNC) in the mid-1970s.  “I remember when I first came to town I tried a couple of different avenues to meet people and it really took a long time, especially if you don’t have children in school,” said Cathy, who arrived in Winchester in 1967. “So it was maybe 10 years after I moved to town, I had this discussion with Jeannie, ‘We really should do something for these people, so let’s start it.’” 

They called the group the Winchester Newcomers Club and based it on similar groups in the area.


“I’m delighted I keep meeting people that I met through the WNC. I think that’s a really wonderful opportunity.”

— cathy alexander, WNC co-founder and Winchester Chamber of Commerce executive director


The playground at Ginn Field had fallen into disrepair and needed to be rebuilt. So in in the Fall of 2009, Winchester Neighbors Club created the "Committee to Restore the Playground at Ginn Field", which held fundraising events and raised money for almost two years until they reached their goal in June 2011. WNC gave the funds to the town and the new Stone Family Playground was completed in October 2012. Today, WNC's playground committee helps maintain the playground for the community. 


Get Involved

If you live in Winchester, consider joining the Winchester Neighbors Club to connect with our community. We would love to get to know you! 

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