2015, Event-Year Close Out Newsletter

Hello Neighbors! 

I hope this finds you happy and well and enjoying this glorious spring weather.  We are having such a good time with our members this year.  We have a special thing in the Winchester Neighbor's Club and I am feeling thankful...if I may expound here for a moment.

First off, I want to thank and acknowledge our local businesses. We have had some awesome events this year at Simm's Jewelers, TWK, Fitness Together, Masa Grill, Sanborn House, J.Hilburn, Vivian's...each venue was generous and the events were so unique and fun.

On a more personal note, I want to thank you, our neighbors, who have not only brought your loving spirit and generous energy but you have also opened your homes to help make our events warm and inviting.  I want to finally give my most heart felt thank you to the WNC board, who volunteer their time and energy to organize and put on all these fabulous events.  It's been a blast ladies and I roll off this year with lots of wonderful memories. 

I think back to when Dave and I first moved to Winchester. Shortly after joining the Neighbors Club, we were hosted by three families for a welcome to town dinner. It was an awesome night and they have since become dear friends.

I think about the women who were on the board organizing that dinner, the host, all of whom, then and now, plan these events that open doors and promote friendship and fun.  That outward energy, time and just showing up are what help to make our town and all the people in it something truly special.

So, we'd love to see your faces for our final events of the year: the Masa newcomer's cocktails and LNO mani / pedi night. Also, we will have a table at Barn Babies this Sunday, so come on by to talk about membership, board involvement or just to say hello! 

With gratitude,

Carey Anne and Holly